Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miss Mich's Nest Theory

Dear hearts,

As Miss Mich was sharing a glass of something clean and fruity last night with Miss Mellie on the line, we began to discuss Easter. It was then that it occurred to me that one really should not put all of one's eggs in any one basket.

Miss Mich is a fan of the Lindt bunny, and the bright young things look forward with delight and anticipation to their gold bunny each Easter. It's just not Easter Sunday without You know Who rising from the dead and a big chunk of Swiss brown.

But back to the baskets... Miss Mich has made the mistake, perhaps, of thinking that one nest will satisfy all eggs. With experience and hindsight, I am now not so sure.

What may be perfectly acceptable for the sunbirds at the cottage (onto the third clutch of eggs in this one nest), is not necessarily the right "one size fits all" for Miss Mich.

One should have a nest for sport. Big, beefy and with stamina to satisfy and provide a good hard game. There are rules of course, and they are all mine.

One nest for academic challenge. This nest may be feathered with literature, poetry leaves, politics and a sharp wit.

Another nest for amusement. Being silly, laughing, feeling like a teenager and indulging like one. It would need to be quite a capacious nest, because when Miss Mich is being silly, she is quite uncordinated and falls over a lot...

The last nest is only little and in the highest branches of Miss Mich's tree. This is the nest with the softest down and the most protection. Miss Mich has not climbed into this one for some time and can't imagine when she will, or with whom, but it is important to know it is there. Just in case.

So there you have it, dear hearts. Miss Mich's Nest Theory. Sit on it for a few days and see what hatches.

Enjoy Hump Day.

Love Miss Mich

Monday, March 30, 2009

Miss Mich and the City

Dear hearts,

Well..it has taken Miss Mich a day to recover from the likes of Sydney town.

As much as Miss Mich loves her best friends there, it is here that is home. Having said that, it was a fabulous whirl wind of events.

Miss Mich can share with you the view poolside at Ivy's coolest uber restaurant Uccello. After midnight the brightest young things strip down to their teeny weeny bikini's and swim Esther Williams style up and down the pool, legs akimbo for all the boys and girls to see. That is of course if they can take their eyes off scanning the room for the rich and famous. Miss Mich found it interesting if a little pretentious. Definitely one for the rich and slightly insecure. Miss Mich looked fabulous, obvi, and whilst the company of way too prominent a certain legal eagle and heir was challenging and stimulating, found the venue amusing and trying at the same time.

We three then tootled off to Piano Bar, newest and hippest of the Kings X bars. Fabo live band and more of the beautiful and young. A healthy mix of shall we say colourful Kings X players all coming to pay their respects to the Eagle. Miss Mich was feeling a little Godfather deja vu, so decided to concentrate on the band at hand. And they were hot.

Saturday was devoted to all things Stationery and Miss Mich beetled around the displays with the chickens, making sure all of the pretty freebies ended up in the bag for the bright young things back at the cottage.

The dreaded harbour cruise on Saturday night was as expected. Miss Mich has been on far too many of these industry functions and counted the rowing strokes until she could tuck herself up into that big fluffy bed back at the hotel.

Sunday brought with it the luxury of cured salmon, Miss Mellies famous creme Fraiche and dill, champagne and the sailboats bobbing in Double Bay. This is Miss Mich's Sydney. Good food, the best of friends and that beautiful harbour. Too much laughter and never too much champagne made the perfect end to a busy weekend.

Good news dear hearts, Miss Mellie will be with us this weekend...cannot wait!

Enjoy Tuesday.

Love Miss Mich

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

It's Friday dear hearts!

And Miss Mich is excited..Off to Sydney to share the pen love and catch up with more of Miss Mich's best friends.

Miss Mellie will be toasting the croissants and popping the corks for Sunday brunch and Miss Mich's premier wardrobe consultant will be eyeing off the latest trends and giving all an update. Said wardrobe consultant and lover of the middle eastern man, Miss Christine was very much the doyenne of Double Bay, back in the day. But let me tell you, still knows a thing or three about style and wardrobe management. We will be hearing the gospel according to Miss Christine very soon.

Being a Sydney girl, my heart is a little a flutter at the thought of Rose Bay, Double Bay, Belleview Hill and my darling girl friends. In my former life, Sydney was a beautiful place to live. One had the view, the lunches, that spacious boot and the funds to fill it. The bright young things tootled around with their friends, boating, sailing, surfing and generally being spoilt, as was Miss Mich.

Now, being a Queensland girl, my heart is a flutter at the thought of sailing out from Yorkey's on a Thursday evening, driving with the full moon behind those amazing green hills, watching the Ulysses butterfies dance around me and the sun birds. And I realise that even though my boot may now be teeny weeny and there are no funds to fill it, I am as spoilt now as I was then.

Enjoy Friday.

Love Miss Mich

Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss Mich and the Manual

Dear hearts,

Another beautiful day in Paradise. And Miss Mich has finally got it!

Driving in from the northern beaches Miss Mich suddenly realised that she could not remember which gear she was in, did not panic and was making graceful curves around those enormous round-a-bouts.

To put you in the drivers seat, so to speak, Miss Mich should explain that in her former life (to which she will refer more than once don't you worry..), Miss Mich drove only a particular Germanic species. The one with the badge that delinquent youths and various B class rappers spent their time wearing around their necks as trophy's of honour from the late 90's on. No marques for taste there dear hearts. Miss Mich did in fact lose one of hers in the summer of 2003. We plugged up the hole with a little soft koala until he was liberated by who knows whom at Watson's Bay. That happy little guy sailed around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney as quite the celebrity. The bright young things were delighted whilst the other private school mothers thought it a travesty...

With that history in mind, when Miss Mich began to sell her pens she was generously given a little bubble with a gear stick to make her way around town. You may have seen Miss Mich stalled at the lights apologising, stalled at the round-a-bouts apologising or stalled in carparks apologising. Interestingly enough, there was no bunny-hopping. It was all movement or no movement. This in line with Miss Mich's philosophy for life - of all or nothing..

Whilst Miss Mich struggled to find the happy medium of smooth movement, she did think back fondly to being able to drive with just one foot, the insousiance of parking wherever she felt like and that lovely, large boot just big enough for life's essential purchases.

This morning was a breakthrough and you will be happy to know that Miss Mich is now at one with the gear shift. So comfortable in fact, that it is now possible to move seamlessly from forth to third, order coffee from Dolce and re position ones sunglasses to deflect the glare from the Espy.

Now all Miss Mich needs to do is fill that teeny, weeny boot with all things essential...

Enjoy Tuesday.

Love Miss Mich

All in All

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich has recovered her decorum and refuses to ever be drawn into the unfortunate and unseemly behaviour of having a tanti again... (at least until it is absolutely necessary).

Monday brought with it much activity. Miss Mich sent the chickens on their way to bring love and pens to the world.

The Green Guru sent messages from Paris promising that the UN is on track for Asia Pacific rim tourism staying green. Thank goodness for that. Sailing nut that he is, told Miss Mich that sailing the Norfolk Broads (when he was in the UK) in early spring can bring nothing but frost and bite to your journey...Miss Mich remains a committed fair weather sailor and will not venture out in anything pre late 20's..(the exception being the temperature of the Gin and Tonic..obvi..)

The bright young thing Miss Mich sent to the Whitsunday's is now discovering and indulging her inner hippy in Byron Bay. Last we spoke she was about to go on stage to sing and strum and save and no doubt fall in love with some French Canadian as optomistic as her sweet self...oh dear. As long as her french improves all is not lost...

The baby remains Miss Mich's preferred child, sharing with her the highs and lows of the tabloid tv shows showcasing the large and talented. I sometimes get confused and want to call all the programs "So you think you can Lose" r...

Miss Mich's beautiful boy beetles away in Canberra learning the gentle art of tiling under the patronage of a modern day Medici...I look forward to a roman bath tiled in mosaics. Just the thing for water sports...(don't tell the boy)

And there is the promise of sport for lunch tomorrow...

All in all an excellent start to the week.

Enjoy Monday.

Love Miss Mich

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's my Party...

Dear hearts,

Such a week has Miss Mich had. Suffice to say there were many pens to sell, many chickens to rally and Miss Mich at her lowest ebb.

The only sport was Denghi infected tennis in Lake St, sailing was cancelled due to strong wind and Miss Mich's lunch date on Friday dropped out at the last minute...

As you can imagine, Miss Mich was not impressed. Luckily, Miss Mich's best friend and therapist, Sha ron Morree came to the ever dependable rescue and a somewhat soothing lunch of soup and wine was had. To be honest dear hearts, it wasn't soothing at all. Sha ron pointing out to Miss Mich, that although she may not show it overtly, Miss Mich does have tantrums...

I am not proud to admit this and nor do I fully believe that I completely disgrace myself (I save that for for the futile yet tenacious pursuit of unsuitable sporting partners...but more of that later).

As Miss Mich railed on, quietly yet constantly, about manners, ettiquette and the seemingly laisses-faires attitude of certain aquaintances in Miss Mich's sporting world, Shar ron began to laugh...(!) She seemed to think Miss Mich was having a tanti right then and there. In my defence, dear hearts, there was no rolling around on the floor (I save that for sport), no tears, and no stamping of Prada clad feet (I value my treasures). But there may have been some eye rolling and there was definitely some vitriol, along with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

As the chopsticks snapped and the chilli made eyes water, Miss Mich continued on. One glass was not enough, but had to do as the chickens were expecting their Friday afternoon homily on all things stationery. Note to self: who's bright idea was it to have meetings at 4pm on Friday??

Miss Mich decided to use the tanti for good and not evil. She put the voodoo doll away and instead gave a stirring and firm presentation to the chickens, rallying them to go forth and sell those pens, share the love amongst all and be polite along the way.

Miss Mich took herself home Friday evening and enjoyed the company of SBS documentaries and the very sympathetic ear of a cheeky little cleanskin from the Eastern side of a hill somewhere in South Australia. Both SBS and said Pinot Grigio did not argue once, but rather agreed that manners are all..

Enjoy Sunday afternoon.

Love Miss Mich

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Afternoon Tea at the Oasis

Dear hearts,

There is a special place Miss Mich retreats to on the weekends where she can truly be herself. A place where her voice is heard and shared amongst those with similar interests in the minutia of life, ourselves (obvi..) and the state of the state (election next Sat dear hearts).

With a toast to Dame Elizabeth on her 100th B'day (and commiserations to her about the unfortunate, though billionaire son), the afternoon was off and running.

My darling B et B, gracious hosts and Miss Mich's surrogate Uncles and Father Confessors, best girlfriends and all round good guys open their little sanctuary in the Edge Hills most Saturdays and Sundays. You will often hear the great Bab's belting out tunes of revenge and regret floating over the gardens for all to hear.

It is here you will find shall we say an eclectic and exotic collection of guests and tropical fauna. Local, interstate and international. Chez B et B is truly Switzerland. Bi,- partisan, neutral, open minded and forgiving, it is the most interesting place to have a conversation and a glass of something fruity..

Miss Mich tells the boys all her secrets and shares her scandal. They love the sport stories the most..surprise, surprise...

Miss Mich's best friend Sha ron (niece of said Uncles and mother of AJ and Napoleon, the only little ones Miss Mich can bear) makes the afternoon complete with her special brand of healthy cynicism. Sha ron is convinced she will never play sport again, that she is on the bench and there are no team players out there for her. Miss Mich, ever the optimist, has told her this bitterness will pass. The look that comes across the table cuts the cheese like a knife as Miss Mich ducks and dismisses it along with the Castello (not on these hips..)

By the time Miss Mich swans out the door like Aunty Mame, little ones in wrapped around
her legs in cuddles galore, the exotic flowers by the pool discussing all things glam, the sun is setting on another day in paradise and we are all ready to face another week at the coal face that is Anna Bligh's smart state...

Enjoy Monday.

Love Miss Mich

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Play Well with a Conscience

Dear hearts,

It is Friday and Miss Mich has been pondering many things as usual. What to wear to dinner, the weekends schedule to allow for maintenance and all things sport.

What will the bright young things be up to? Having sent one off to sail The Whitsunday's to discover her inner mermaid..will the little one left behind stay home like the good girl she should be, or will she take up with that naughty Israeli wild child and hoon around the northern beaches chasing tradies like Miss Mich on her tennis ball...(don't tell her I said that..)

Back to the musing at hand. Miss Mich, although she loves selling her pens to all and sundry, wonders if there is more good she could accomplish. There is the guidance of you dear hearts, and that does make Miss Mich happy. Knowing that these words of wisdom and advice are helping you all in your journey towards existentialist freedom, physical liberation and wardrobe management makes Miss Mich sleep well at night. But is it all enough??

Perhaps I have too many choices?? Miss Mich was discussing choice just last night.

On the high seas, just off the coast with the Cowboy Captain at the helm, pirate flag flying, we scooted along, the Cowboy attempting to beat the 8 knots achieved last week. A little white water, wind in the hair and drinks in hand made the happy crew loose as a goose, all participants having made excellent choices this evening..obvi..

And that is the crux of the matter, dear hearts, the freedom of choice. We all have choices..Not that we always think we do, (little secret here), we do...

Admittedly, along with that freedom comes responsibility. And consequence of actions et al. But if one makes the right choices based on the common good (like no extreme shoulder pads after 1987, or lurid coloured cocktails before 10am), then all will be right with the world.

So go forward into the weekend with a conscience, albiet a hedonistic conscience. At least that way you will be able to ensure that not only yourself, but those you play with, will also have fun.

Enjoy Sat and Sun.

Love Miss Mich

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

La Bella L'una

Well Dear hearts,

It was a full moon last night, and it was spectacular.

I now realise why my energy levels have been peaking and my interest in sport even greater. I must confess, the moon makes Miss Mich a little loopy. And I love it.

As I was sauntering along the promenade at Palm Cove with Miss Mich's consultant on all things green and environmental, the moon was making her way above the cloud line like Saraswati, the Vedic Goddess of Wisdom and Learning. Opening as the evening progressed, the moon revealed herself like the big white lotus that Saraswati sits upon. Miss Mich positioned herself so that she could moon bathe, drink in that silver trail and the Tasmanian Pinot...

Miss Mich and the Green Guru discussed travel and the tides. Miss Mich revealing her theory of the moon and its effect on women and their balance, their harmony. For are we not 80% water? It makes sense, therefore, that we are somewhat tidal? Ebb and flow? Tide line and bikini line... I think I'm digressing a little, but for the arguments sake lets all agree that the moon can be distracting at the very least.

I'm not sure the Green Guru felt the same way about the moon as Miss Mich, but did reveal that when sailing away from land the full moon is capable of dimming the stars... no mean feat for a satellite that is merely reflecting the light of the sun..

And so dear hearts, embrace all things luna or at the very least find an quiet open space and howl a little...

Enjoy Thursday.

Love Miss Mich

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The letter A

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich had a most productive day yesterday. She was exhausted.

Breakfast with the movers and shakers and miners and doers. Miss Mich was dizzy at the thought of it all. Not to mention the millions of tonnes of lovely bauxite that will be winging its way from the gulf to China. Bye bye...a fist full of dollars for the "hub" whilst much of the proceeds of sales interestingly will be kept also in Chinese hands (well, not all Chinese hands, that would be a lot....). Miss Mich could not decide between buying shares or protest placards..

From there Miss Mich beetled away selling her pens to the good folk of the local community, keeping the money and the love at home.

Which brings me to the topic of Ambassadorship. What a lovely term. Miss Mich has a private fantasy (one of many obvi..) of being the ultimate Ambassador. I am giving the title a Capital letter, I think it is deserving. As much as I do not like to share (sticky fingers in the chip packet..), we are all capable of being Ambassadors, not necessarily worthy, but capable none the less. We should all share the love. Start spreadin' the news, jungle drums, do you get my drift?

If something is good, share the information, if someone mixes a good cocktail, tell them you appreciate it and tip them well.

As a result of my sterling national service I am going for diplomatic immunity and free first class travel wherever I please...

Enjoy hump day.

Love Miss Mich

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance

Dear hearts,

Further to that busy weekend, I would like to share with you my thoughts on personal maintenance.

After a hard week selling pens, one of the things I look forward to almost as much as sport and that first gin and tonic, is my weekly manicure. Once a month I do the lot and have a mani/pedi. I realise this sounds like I'm spending time with a pscychotic child fancier (and we must blame the Americans for the abbreviation, as well as most acts of grammatical sabotage), but it is, as a friend suggested, the equivalent of having a small village attend to one. And I must say, I enjoy it.

My hands are kept busy, my feet are being attended to and I am able to comtemplate...Yes, this is the zen part of the experience. I cannot text, speak ( the girls respect my zen like countenance and think I am either in a coma or just plain sleeping) or gesticulate, even though I would really, really love someone to go and buy me a decent coffee. And they would, I know because they love Miss Mich, but there is no decent coffee to be had on the central northern beaches...sigh..

So I am forced to think. It is this down time that can lead to posssible subjects of discourse right here, dear hearts. Although more likely it is more about what to wear if one is going out, what those bright young dreadful daughters might be up to as we mani/pedi or how we are going to survive this disturbing GFC.

As my feet bubble away in the bright blue whirlpool below me and my hands are massaged, I come to the conclusion that I am doing exactly as K Rudd would want. I am stimulating the economy. I am taking time out to think about the best way I can keep the cash moving. I am nurturing myself and the my gorgeous girls who laugh at my Australianness and tell me about Vietnam and Laos. We laugh about babies, holidays, the bright young things at the cottage and our family experiences.

I'm not very fluent in Viet and they not so in English, but in a very zen way we speak exactly the same language - laughter and friendship.

Enjoy Monday.

Love Mich

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easy on Sunday Morning

Miss Mich has had a very busy weekend so far..and it's only Sunday morning.

I write this with a surprisingly clear head. The muse in the bottle stayed home even though Miss Mich went out.

The bright young things all gathered here at the Cottage to prepare for yet another 18 year olds' night on the town. Whilst most were straightening hair, swapping skirts and shoes, the most industrious were preparing the "Punch". I am forced to use inverted comma's for the simple reason that I use the term so loosely. Nothing Pimms, aftternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches about this bucket-o-goon. Oh no. Two for one bottles of South African "wine" (nothing of the Stellenbocsh here either), tropical juice in a concentrated carton and red bull if you don't mind.

Presented stylishly in a large aluminium mixing bowl, and served with a soup ladle into tea cups...I declined...obvi.

They all ended up looking 22 and terrifying me in their high hair and high heels as they tottered off to the bus stop, another successful night in town on the way.

With the children out of the way mother of the year tottered out the door herself for an evening of sport...

Enjoy the sabbath (black if you choose, me I prefer Mettalica)

Love Mich

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sad Loss of Sentimentality

Dear hearts,

It is with sadness that I must share with you the loss of sentimentality in Miss Mich. I can't find it. And I have looked everywhere.

I'm thinking of putting up signs on telegraph poles, maybe taking out an ad in the classifieds..

Compassion is still there inside and last time I checked there is some empathy still unused on the shelf in the back of the cupboard that is my beating heart..

I am pretty much stocked up on enthusiasm, as evidenced by my love of sport (both types) and curiosity is the bully that takes up a lot of shelves, often pushing away the quiet achiever that is introspection, but that is only because my favourite naughty child - denial - is so demanding. My best friend (one of many as I have said), Sha ron (pronounced with a french accent and grav on top), likes to organise "weekends of denial" where she and I drink outrageously coloured daquiries for breakfast and lie around resort pools toasting " the happy people". In our dark and twisted hearts, we do not wish them well...I'll have to say a few Hail Mary's to get out of that one...

So what to do? 

I could spend a weekend watching syrupy movies like...dirty dancing or that one with Shirley McLaine and the daughter... Its obvi I'm not very good at this...

No, I think I am just going to learn to live without sentimentality for the moment. Until then I think I will just have to make do with Margaritas by the pool. Maybe after three or four I might clean out the cupboard...I think I remember seeing a small box up on the top shelf, right at the back...

Enjoy Thursday.

Love Mich

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Yin and Yang of Tennis

Good morning dear hearts,

I love tennis. It is my second favourite sport. There are a few of you out there who know what my most favourite sport is, but for the rest of you.. all will be revealed as we get to know each other better.

I run around that court like a blue heeler onto his own much loved tennis ball. I would like to think I look a little more elegant than a blue heeler... my best friend, (of which I have several), Miss Mellie, describes me as a golden retriever, but the truth of the matter is that on the inside I am that blue heeler..one more set, one more game..

But to the yin and the yang of tennis.

My coach understands me well enough to know how to balance my yin on top of my yang. No mean feat when I'm trying to serve.

There is the blue heeler part of me that just wants to whack that ball sooo hard I end up playing on the court in the next town. Excellent anger management therapy. Then there is the laconic Isadora Duncan side of me that justs wants to look good in a little white skirt and long flowing scarf making fairy steps to the ball, a pirouette and flourish at the end as I elegantly tap the ball over the net on my way to tea..

These two bed fellows do not a good tennis player make..as my coach says..the only thing holding you back is what is between your ears...(or the scarf in the case of the Isadora Duncan part of me).

Sports Pychology. I love it. I am working on myself. The blue Heeler and Isadora must come together in some kind of Sharipova grunt to make me Mixed Doubles material, and no I'm not talking mixed double vodkas. Although a refreshing beverage after a hard session on the court is really just the thing. And isn't that what Doubles is all about? Hit and a giggle..

Enjoy Wednesday.

Love Mich

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday Morningitis

Good morning,

Yes it's Monday (obvi..) and we are all feeling a little peaky, so I won't drone on about trying to find something to wear to work. You should have had that sorted last night, but thats your disorganisation..Wardrobe Manangement 101 is coming, never fear, but never on a Monday Morning..

So a simple thought to get you through until you can have wine with lunch and pretend it's with a client...

Less is More (as Mies Van Der Rohe is said to have said). So take off those jangly bangles and that synthetic animal print scarf, you are not on an African Verushka safari now...

Enjoy Monday the best way you can.

Love Mich