Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Dear hearts,

I would like to talk about my bed. Not to be confused with Tracey Emin's bed, oh no. Although having said that, just because the terribly clever Ms Emin has made her mark by sharing with us, Dear hearts, her bed in all its honest and naked glory, it by no means, demeans Miss Mich's bed. The fact that Charles Saatchi was happy to part with 150 000 pounds for a messy bed with the detritus of a somewhat wanton woman gives Miss Mich the idea that the Emperor's New Clothes in the art world is alive and well. Perhaps I should give Charles a call and let him know the boot of my car is available for the knock down price of 50 000 pounds. If I tell him there is pound cake in there, I know that I will certainly have his lovely wife's interest. Perhaps we could pop Nigella in the boot, let her eat cake and call that an installation as well. Charge the plebs for the privilege, video the whole thing for Utube and print T shirts...

Miss Mich loves bed. Obvi... But not just for sport. In fact, bed is one of the last places Miss Mich plays. To be honest, isn't it a bit pedestrian to think that one can only perform in the horizontal?

Miss Mich likes to think of her bed as her boat. There is seriously nothing better than climbing up into that big, white, fluffy space that is home for the evening or afternoon, taking with you notebooks, journals, books, cups o tea, and sailing off into one's own imagination. No spinnaker set, Dear hearts, this is a leisurely cruise into thoughts, ideas and dreams. Whether awake or snoozing, some of Miss Mich's best ideas have come as a result of well, yes, coming, but also the slow meander of conclusions that lolling around with one's ideas and soft downy pillows allows to be formed.

Stretched out like a starfish or legs akimbo across the diagonal, Miss Mich does not think there is enough room for another in her bed. A seal point Burmese perhaps, but only because said pussy, not to be confused..obvi, easily pushed off the edge and over the side. A little harder with 85kg of big, hairy boy..

Bed is Miss Mich's refuge. It is where the songbird previews her latest laments and confesses her latest disgraces. Usually with the Italian artisan whom we all love and adore. It is where the baby comes for a cuddle and a little comfort after her own Passsion Pop related incidents. And where Miss Mich retreats after too many bubbles and not enough sleep. We all need a safe place Dear hearts, and this is Miss Mich's. A place to regroup, consolidate one's position and regenerate. And if one is lucky... to sleep, perchance to dream...

Enjoy Tuesday.

With love and cuddles
Miss Mich

Hip Hip

Dear hearts,

There is nothing like a good celebration. Any excuse will do really, so taking the cue from the ever wise and glamorous Miss Pencilvania, Miss Mich decided to take this weekend as an extension of her birthday. With Sha ron Morrie in tow, it was off to the races to have some fun. Such a good looking pair of filly’s Dear hearts.

With the best position overlooking the winning post and bubbles in hand, it was time for a little sport. Not Miss Mich’s favourite sport, sadly, more the sport of shaking things up. Amongst the conservative crowd of movers and shakers and do gooders, Miss Mich and Sha ron did manage to find a few gems.

The expression that summed up the afternoon and that forever more will be the reference for big day’s out (and we are not talking about music festivals here) is the CRI. The Champagne Related Incident. Why did I not think of this before? It was a wise and generous doyenne of the table who shared that little chestnut with us. As the day progressed and we lost count of the bubbles, secrets were shared and scandal flew around the table. To the point where one of the newly liberated ladies was ushered off by her most concerned husband. It appeared he was not aware of certain aspects of her sporting past. As he blushed and Sha ron and I giggled down the stairs, it was agreed our work was done.

The following day provided sunshine and more bubbles as Miss Mich continued to celebrate with her glamour pool party. With Miss P as the gracious host, the hills of Whitfield witnessed silk kaftans, sparkly sandals and the exotic flowers that are Miss Mich’s birthday buddies. More CRI’s followed. Thank goodness they were not CSI related. Sha ron Morrie did come close to providing a crime scene as her tongue nearly got the better of her, Miss Mich carefully steering her towards safer ground. Sadly, the protection did not extend to the pool as poor Tinkerbell bumped her head and could not get up in the morning…which may have been due to said bubbles…

All said and done, the weekend was a great success. Miss Mich and Sha ron Morrie have vowed to be abstemious for at least the days beginning with M, for this week at least. And it is only fair to say that Miss Mich and her birthday have been well and truly toasted.

Enjoy Tuesday.

Hip hip (hic hic)
Miss Mich

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Independance Day

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich wishes to celebrate Independence day.

That for Miss Mich is everyday she is able to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of the Bright Young Things. No mean achievement, let me tell you, for a woman, who in her previous life had the David Jones Food Hall on speed dial for catering and the albeit absent, sperm donor for best address accommodation.

Miss Mich was not perhaps the perfect Lady Chatelaine, but she did look fabulous in a little frock and sparkly sandals as she supervised the wait staff at her cocktail parties. Looked the sportiest on the sidelines of the Private school Saturday sport and lunched and dined with the best of them at Sydney’s finest silver service restaurants.

The universe is a wise and considerate teacher Dear hearts. The past six years or so have taken Miss Mich on a learning curve of extraordinary proportions. She has learnt the most basic of things. How to deal with mechanics, how to pay tax, how to get a job. A real job. And more importantly, how to keep it. That is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

After being simply wife and mother (good looking obvi) for over 20 years, and then having the world change its axis somewhat, to that of single mother, Miss Mich was, as you can imagine, in a bit of a spin.

This is where Miss Mich’s inner chameleon kicked in. As spoilt as she was, in her heart she had the substance to allow for change. We all do if we are pressed hard enough. Admittedly, it took a couple of years of kicking and screaming and the sperm donor’s financial support to ready Miss Mich for the inevitable. That of self responsibility. We have spoken of this before. The grown up business of getting on with it.

A lot of it comes down to confidence, Dear hearts. Miss Mich surprised herself. When she sat down and actually thought about it, she had more experience in the world of business than she at first realized. All of that living in London and travelling to the States, all of that being the sperm donor’s accessory at conferences, balls and Ascot, subliminally gave Miss Mich an education of sorts. That combined with the fact that she actually has a naturally good business brain made the leap from lady of leisure to, in the words of the baby, working class woman, not too onerous.

So here we are, sharing the pen love far and wide. Mentoring the chickens in their quest for the lion’s share of the pen market. Creating marketing strategies for Asia Pacific pen domination. Managing the Big Kahuna and Churchill of the pen world. Every day. All the while looking fabulous..obvi..

This reads back like a big self pat on the back. And that, Dear hearts, is precisely what it is. It is sometimes necessary to acknowledge one’s achievements. We all deserve to sit back and reflect on the history of the path of our journey. If I’m lucky, Oprah or Dr Phil will read this little chestnut and fly me over to Chicago to share my secret (!). Or maybe I’ll just get a publishing deal. Or if I’m really lucky, I’ll get paid tomorrow…

Enjoy Thursday.

Miss Mich

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jelly Wrestle?

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich has a Conscience. Piglet does not. We all know this.

Simple statements I know, but I feel it necessary to put them plainly on the table for the purpose of this tete et tete.

Miss Mich's conscience sits on her shoulder like Tinkerbell. Well, Tinkerbell with a potty mouth, drink in her hand and a sledge hammer. The voice of Tinkerbell may be slightly more than reminiscent of Sha ron Morrie and Dear hearts, that is no coincidence. What ticks Miss Mich really off, is that more often than not, Tinkerbell is usually right. It seems that more and more, Miss Mich is turning her head to see if she gets the Tinkerbell nod. She is the Yin to MM's Yang. And without her, Miss Mich would really be up the yinyang without the proverbial paddle...

Piglet on the other hand, in the words of the Songbird, couldn't give a care. One must admire that, albeit in a somewhat foolhardy way. Piglet is like the eternal toddler. Wants what she wants. Period. Moves to get it and if something stands in her way, she simply walks over it, being polite and making sure she smiles and apologises as she steps her perfectly manicured toes across said path. It must be said that up until now Piglet is doing pretty well. Sha ron Morrie rolls her eyes at Piglet, whereas her lovely uncles, The B's, give the nod to Sha ron and look with resignation at Piglet and say what can you do?

It would make interesting viewing to see MM v Piglet in a jelly wrestle. The competitive MM determined to pin down the ever hedonistic P until she cries Uncle. That would put said B's in a tricky predicament. They love both equally. Would we have a B in each corner? Would we have them as objective adjudicators? Where would Tinkerbell fit in? I suspect she would most prefer to be flying around whacking both upside the head, just because she can...

At the end of the day, and round 9, where would we be Dear hearts?

Exactly where we started. Although the entertainment value for the evening would be peaking through the roof, esp if the wrestling were naked and they ended up kissing...obvi.

So what's my point? Putting both into context. Into the bigger picture. That we all struggle. We all end up a little of both. We do our best to be good most of the time. And that we should be forgiven when we let Piglet have her head.

Enjoy Monday and a little duality.

Miss Mich

Go for Gold

Dear hearts,

A capital letter worthy subject close to Miss Mich's heart is sport...obvi. It could be said that sport is Miss Mich's favourite CLW subject. Miss Mich has been known to put the pursuit of said sport above almost all, happy to build her house of cards willy nilly without thought of huffing and puffing and blowing your house down.

Because there is a reason.

Or should I say a feeling. Several actually...

Miss Mich's favourite is that of disappearing. Yes, at the very moment of coming, Miss Mich simply goes...Now Miss Mich is being extremely direct with her language here and Dear hearts, I know it is not what you have come (oops there I go again..) to expect. But there is simply no other way to explain it.

Now that we have shared that little darling of a secret, Miss Mich can safely return to her usual quirky euphemisms and her amusing little word plays.

In sport as in all things, there are shades, levels, dynamics etc. Call them what you will, this complexity and diversity is what Miss Mich and I suspect you too, love about sport. I am constantly surprised at the variety of feelings, the discoveries of new triggers, and secret areas of skin that can be awoken and added to the lovely list of things to do. When on the kitchen fridge, the Bright Young Things are somewhat intrigued as to what might be for supper that evening…perhaps the list is best kept in one’s head…

Miss Mich is somewhat evangelistic about one’s potential in regard to excellence in sport and if there were an equivalent to the AIS, Miss Mich would be offering herself as coach and mentor. It is important to always strive beyond one’s own PB and to never rest on one’s laurel wreath. Perhaps Miss Mich’s particular sport was overlooked as the Olympics developed. Those Greek boys running naked at Olympia were not simply cutting down on wind resistance. They were proving themselves as athletes, aesthetes and animals for the boudoir. This may be wishful thinking on Miss Mich’s part, but what a lovely daydream to have.

Whether one is amusing one’s self with a baby oh, or playing the game with a Greek God, Miss Mich’s wisdom here is to go… well yes, and after that, go beyond yourself and get lost in your own potential. Nothing is too much to ask for, nothing is too much to do. And at the end of the marathon as you enter the arena for the final victory lap, if you are lucky, you will feel that you are sitting on the right hand side of God…such are the heights you can achieve.

Enjoy Saturday.

Miss Mich

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Force of Bubbles

Dear hearts,

Such activity at the Cottage this week. With barely enough time to unpack the darling artifacts from the eastern islands of PNG, Miss Mellie arrived for a week of R and R in the far far north.

With her hand luggage consisting of six bottles of bubbles to celebrate Miss Mich's birthday, laughter, scandal and a merry time were well assured.

The Bright Young things adore Miss Mellie and look to her as their God Mother. Miss Mellie shares her wisdom and wicked sense of humour with all at the table, along with the ubiquitous cheese and red wine...

Blue cheese and red wine bring Miss Mich to the topic of today's tete e tete...

Balance and Harmony. Two most worthy capital letter subjects on Miss Mich's mind at the moment. Being a true Libran, these essentials are just that. One cannot live without them. Miss Mich is very much like the Princess and the Pea...if there is a something out of kilter, something not quite right..Miss Mich almost falls over such is her sense of balance put out. That and too many cocktails perhaps...

It's very much a Yin Yang world Dear hearts. Remember that. The hangover you have today will contrast beautifully with the clear head you will have tomorrow. Without one, you cannot appreciate the other. This is one way Miss Mich reconciles with herself the sad fact that most of the time, she must now endure domestic sparkling wine. To have been given a bottle of lovely French for her Birthday by one of Miss Mich's closest and most favourite friends, was that perfect Yin moment. A dip of the beautifully pedicured toe into her former life...there are some things Miss Mich really does miss. Interestingly, there are many things she does not. Luckily the mani/pedis are an essential no matter the cash flow.

One must realise that Balance and harmony are much more than keeping one's socialising in check Dear hearts...obvi.

One's equilibrium must be managed by the juggling of our mental, emotional and physical needs.
We need the right yin yang balance in order to transform ourselves. To grow and evolve and change. Miss Mich for one, will never stay the same. We must always embrace even the difficult phases of our lives and the moon. Because at the end Dear hearts, what was hidden will be revealed and what is destroyed will be reborn.

Enjoy Tuesday and the force of change.

With love
Miss Mich

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Third World

Dear hearts,

It is a weary Miss Mich just returned from the wilds of the Louisiades, the eastern most islands of PNG. What a whirl wind journey…

Overnighting in that wild west frontier town of Port Moresby, Miss Mich felt lucky to escape with her scalp and dignity intact. Lucky for her, the lovely Mima and her foreign correspondent took Miss Mich under their ABC wings and treated her to a pedi and voddy at the only hotel in town. Dinner followed at the Yacht Club with the Kokoda Cowboys and sauced up ex-pats, some of whom were rumoured to be packing heat down the back of their pants. Now Miss Mich is no stranger to heat in said pants, obvi, but usually in the front of said pants…

The trip in the fortified ute to the super marche was quite the experience. Mima giving Miss Mich the tip to smile and be ever so careful to breeze through the throng of Nationals with the least provocation to what can only be described loosely as a shed of sorts, with seemingly out of date comestibles and some very dubious looking vegetables. Luck would have it we were only after Ginger beer for the Moscow Mules and Pringles as the perfect accompaniment. The comparison to the National food market as we tootled our way home tempered Miss Mich to describe forever more the original market as the David Jones Food Hall in comparison to the burned out hole in the wall offered to the locals.

The islands were another matter altogether. Friendly faces, sweet children and the Misima Showcase provided the perfect weekend's entertainment. The 40 young ladies competing for the title of Miss Misima was quite the cultural experience. Traditional grass skirts, baskets on their heads and lots of bare breasts had the yachties paying strict attention and the judges in fierce debate. Lots of traditional dancing and chewing of Betel nut made Miss Mich feel worlds away and in another time.

A little respite from the constant round of official events was an early sail with the Green Guru to Kumata, the sweetest little island 11 nm off Misima. A snorkel on the fringe reef to spy on sting rays and all the little fishy’s, followed by a wander through the village with a trail of little sweeties giggling behind made the morning a pleasure and the long trek back to home worthwhile.

The wisdom for Miss Mich from this small snapshot into the return of third world travel after way too many years in Business Class is surely that one can have the best fun and the most attention in something as simple as a grass skirt and a basket balanced on one’s head.

Enjoy less with more and Thursday.

Miss Mich