Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dear hearts,

Miss Mich sits here typing away with the most beautiful posture. Courtesy of the lovely Nuri, Miss Mich's serene and elegant yoga Guru. Nuri looks like a ballet dancer with limbs that extend and flow beyond that of mere mortals such as myself. The sweet little studio welcomes all with calm breaths of clove and musk and the soft whisper of candle light.

Yoga is one path to enlightenment. Miss Mich likes to balance this with her other most favourite path, that of the Tantra. For the hour and a half of the class Miss Mich enjoys the luxury of lengthening her muscles, breathing into the yoga poses and reflecting on all of the other lovely poses shared with The Libertine.

Yoga should be on everyone's Top Ten. Promise me Dear hearts, you will try a class at least once. Even Miss Mich's legal eagle has attempted. Perhaps he should take it to his colourful clients. There may end up peace on the streets and a feeling of well being and brotherhood between the “tribes”. This maybe a little naive, but such is the optimism that a good session imparts.

The class moves through its paces like a Sadhu on a pilgrimage. Concentrated, focused and meditative. The Warrior pose is most definitely one of Miss Mich's favourites. Leaning into the lunge, back straight, strong belly and legs, the only thing missing for MM is a spear. She will remember and use this pose going forward into the curly times ahead.

Miss Mich loves the contrast of stretching the muscle and then contracting the muscle. That lovely balance of Yin and Yang. The pose of the child gives rest to the muscles and allows one to curl up into oneself and retreat, if just for a moment.

The more classes Miss Mich has, the more she wants. This sounds like Piglet, I know, but in Yoga’s case, all is forgiven. Whilst perfecting the discipline of holding each pose, breathing into the stretch and having the time to think and reflect whilst one engages in this, a feeling of both accomplishment and serenity flow through me. It is as seductive as the thought of private time with The Libertine and is almost as rewarding.

Historically, Yoga is more aligned with Hinduism and the Bhagvad Gita, and if you follow the path through the chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita you will understand that Yoga is the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the Ultimate Consciousness. There are three paths Dear hearts, that of perfect actions, perfect devotion and perfect knowledge. Perfect!

Miss Mich loves the feeling of grounding herself and her sitting bones, of aligning her Chakra’s and quieting her centre. If this all sounds a bit new age, I suppose it is. But the bottom line is, Dear hearts, it works.

Miss Christine made the point recently that she needed to centre her sphincter and after much giggling about the possible ways to achieve this, Miss Mich suggested Adho Mukha Svansana or Downdward-facing Dog pose. That way any passing devotees or Dobermans could stop, have a sniff and help centre that lowest of the Chakra’s - the Root Chakra. Rather fitting really.

All jokes aside, Miss Mich can’t imagine not having at least two or three downward facing dogs in her classes, needs the Warrior pose to strengthen her resolve and looks inward for respite with the pose of the Child. The hour and a half flys by. Miss Mich slows her mind, deepens her breath and closes her eyes, letting her body take charge, her muscles speak for her.

With the generous spirit of Nuri having guided her through, Miss Mich floats out into the weekend stretched, relaxed and just that little bit more flexible, something both the Libertine and MM herself will use to gain enlightenment in the temple that is the Cottage Boudoir.

Enjoy the Prana of the Mid-week.

With love
Miss Mich