Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray

Dear hearts,

February in Sydney to celebrate Miss Mellie's birthday! Too too much
fun. A late night arrival made way for a supper of sensuous cheese,
thoughtful terrine and bright as button olives. Perfectly partnered
by a white of some considerable South Australian distinction.

We were amused and beguiled by the silky thighs of the fromage
Daphenois which sat so alluringly beside the more masculine Saint Agur blue. The olives were so optimistic it was a shame to take them away from the festivities and consume them!

Suffice to say it was a birthday week of the most delicious
consumption. Seans Panaroma at the beautiful North Bondi with three of the best foodies in Sydney turned lunch into pre dinner drinks, and why not.

Catching up with Miss Mich's favourite McAuley girls at The Centennial in Woollahra reminded me of how precious my friends are. After nearly 20 years, we are all still the same. Two rousing rounds of Ms Judy Michael's Hip Hip Hooray for the birthday girl had everyone in just the right frame of mind.

To punctuate the theme of indulgence, work experience with Miss Mich's legal eagle was quite the sobering affair. Bail applications, legal visits with clients at Silverwater Correction Facility with NSW
Corrective Services now having Miss Mich's retinas on file opened Miss Mich's eyes and simply made her hungry for more. Make no mistake though, Dear hearts, Criminal law work in Sydney is a man's world. Which means of course, there is plenty of room for Miss Mich.

Drinks and birthday dinner at Atavela in cosmopolitan Darlinghurst was as delicious as expected. Darling Mellie the centre of birthday

The time flew between breakfast with my Darling Boy, walks from Double Bay over the top of Darling Point to Rushcutters Bay to beers and a pub lunch at the Norfolk in Surry Hills. And these are just the
highlights. I'm becoming nostalgic and thirsty all at once. Sadly,
there were some dear friends Miss Mich did not get to see this time.

All too soon it was time to make a last minute flying visit to a
specialised atelier who caters for Miss Mich and The Libertines
private proclivities and it was off to the airport. Touching down in
the far far north and seeing that beautiful Libertine made coming home what coming home should be. Suffice to say one should only ever go away if one is to feel what coming home is all about.

All in all Miss Mellie had the birthday she deserved. With darling
Johhno spoiling her with French champagne, romantic trips away and trinkets and toys, Miss Mich was so happy to share the love.

Coming home to love was my gift.

Enjoy the day.

With love
Miss Mich