Friday, December 23, 2011

Mirror, Mirror.

Dear hearts,

It has been too long, but Miss Mich has been busy. Learning how to learn. Being a good student and redefining the way I think. It has been a fabulous semester and only excites my appetite for more. But then again, that is Miss Mish….once I have the taste for something,…more please.

Now is the time for reflection. The year has all but come to its conclusion. We have the opportunity to assess our performance, take stock of our behaviour and examine the outcomes as a result.

The heart is a deep and often dark place, particularly where the truth of ourselves lies. It is here that we often seal those boxes that we designate for the top shelf of the emotional cupboard. Along with those boxes big and small, the too hard to face basket sits at the very back of said cupboard. In the dark where one can pretend it does not exist. One can close the door and even turn out the light, but it remains.

Some of you create elaborate fictions to live within that you wrap tightly around you and around those over whom you have undue influence. With a religious fervour and the determination of the zealot, you perpetuate the fiction until the cupboard could not be opened even with the key. You keep the light out and banish from the house any truth, any integrity.

But this becomes your burden. Your albatross. Your cross to bear. You are Dorian Grey, being eaten from the inside out. I don’t really care for you. It is the innocents who trust and accept that which, if truth be told, they question. Sadly such it is, to use a favourite word of yours, the toxic and twisted truth that you offer, along with bitter greens to those who should be exempt from manipulation and coercion. It is these unfortunate darlings for whom I feel sadness.

You may read this and say Miss Mich is on a bit of a tangent, a bit of a high horse. And whilst Miss Mich acknowledges that some things do happen and there is nothing you can do, what you can do, indeed what you must do, is protect those who deserve our protection. And not cross lines into places where cruelty has no business to be.

Miss Mich wears a ring with the inscription “Il aura fallu toute l’intelligence du Coeur pour distinguer le bien du mal” – Trust in the intelligence of the heart to distinguish between good and bad. It is optimistic, I admit, and in the opinion of Miss Mich’s legal eagle, a contradiction. However, whilst the heart is all emotion and the ability to distinguish may be considered a logical process, the heart still knows.

It is how we interpret what our heart truly knows. Our heart can only put that truth on the mirrored table. It is up to us to determine how we interpret what it is showing us. To examine all the angles. All the little fissures and clefts, where truth can slip into a fold and appear lost or hidden. So examine closely and pay attention.

Be brave, Dear hearts, because it is only by taking a deep breath and looking, really looking into the heart of the matter that you will find the truth. What you do after that really depends on how evolved one is. And how honestly one truly loves.


With heartfelt love
Miss Mich