Monday, August 8, 2011

This will just take a minute...

Dear hearts,

Time has become the marker of all markers for Miss Mich. Never before has a minute or an hour taken on so much weight and import.

Quick!…we don’t have a minute to spare…

It seems I may have been marking time all this time. Until now.

I don’t know, are the planets aligning? Are all my ducks in a row? Am I juggling those balls so that now they fall into place?

Whatever it is, it seems I am coming of a certain age. And no, not the big 50. Not that I ascribe to chronological age. Just ask Miss Christine…she of the younger lover. Much younger. And he a lucky man, let me tell you. It is true he knows it..

Younger men aside. And yes the Libertine may be a little younger than Miss Mich. And sooo lovely. But I digress.

Time. Of the essence and of the moment. There is nothing like squeezing in a little 40 hours to one’s workload. Admittedly, the reduction of pen selling hours to 20 is a welcome concession, but still there remains the maintenance of one’self. The walking of the puppy. The collecting of shells and the sharing with you, Dear hearts, of all thoughts entertaining. Not to mention mothering the Bright Young Things, reading to elevate one’s consciousness, a little socialising to bring balance into a serious world and last but never least…you know what with you know who…

So far, so good. As one of Miss Mich’s best ever friends has said. It is a matter of fitness. Study fitness. At first, it hurts. To think more deeply. To understand. Truly understand. And to recall. And we haven’t even touched on creative thinking.

Goodness me! So much to do and so little time.

But things are slowly falling into place. I was, and in many ways, still am, overwhelmed by how much I am yet to learn. We are speaking of rules and principles and philosophies and methodologies. I won’t bore you to death. Suffice to say that these fundamentals are embedding. Miss Mich is absorbing and looking forward, so much, to applying her own, very special, creative interpretation to a world that on the surface, may appear to be stuffy and without flexibility, but upon Miss Mich’s own, tentative interaction with, has the potential for much debate, interpretation and good.


Time to study, to reflect and to learn, learn, learn!

Enjoy Tuesday.

With love
Miss Mich