Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweep, Sweep

Dear hearts,

New Year. New Broom.

That’s the motto for 2011.

At the risk of repeating myself, no more pussy footing around. That’s not to say the pussy won’t be fooling around. With you know who, obvi.

What it does mean is this the year for action. Sweeping away the detritus of the previous year and Dear hearts, one only has to take a glance back to the musings of Miss Mich Circa 2010 to see that I have so much to sweep…I’m using an industrial sized broom.

According to Moonslipper this is the year of the Rabbit. I’m giving my furry friend a capital letter, more for what the Chinese believe it represents than the mammal itself. Although points must be awarded for “maillot d’lapin”…soo soft and yummy….

Back to Moonslipper (what a divine name..), the year of the Rabbit should be quiet, positive and inspiring. Just what we need after the trials of the year of the Tiger. It was tough being a tiger in the year of the Tiger, let me tell you. I am somewhat glad to be released from those jaws and paws. Much better a year of consideration, virtue and wisdom. That Tiger year was a bit of a roller coaster.

Over the festive break, Miss Mich had opportunity to reflect and revise her game plan. Not so much to devise New Year resolutions, more determinations. The Libertine and I were discussing the NY Resolution. It turns out he is not a fan. And rightly so. One can put a scroll under the Buddha’s arm no matter the time of year, but a contrived promise is no promise at all.

These determinations I hear you ask. Some are for now and some for later. In broad terms for you Dear hearts, Miss Mich is getting her shit together. Before you raise your eyebrows…you may think you have heard it all before. But. The Trinity of heart, head and pocket are all the focus. Quality is the key and Miss Mich is determined that heart and head will benefit from stringent quality control. The pocket is an unpleasant necessity and one Miss Mich would rather not talk about at all. Growing up it was considered impolite to discuss the indelicate dollar. Sadly now that it is all former life stuff, and Miss Mich has to pay the bills. Somehow. Ho hum…

It all probably sounds a bit airy fairy…I promise more details as the details come to hand…

I n this year of the rabbit, Dear hearts, I am very determined to keep calm, stay on topic and choose my battles wisely. Too much time was spent last year agonising over things I couldn’t change. We can only change ourselves. I will also learn to trust more. Trust that the Universe really is looking out for One’s best interests and if the desire is truly worthy and one is truly virtuous, then one will be rewarded. Before you start laughing and saying God Save the Queen, I promise not to use “One” again. Even this “One” is finding it tiresome…

So there you have it. A quiet year of head down, tail up (one of Miss Mich’s very favourite’s). Perhaps this year is going to be like an iceberg. On the surface, it may appear that there is not much going on, or floating by as the case may be. But below the surface….it’s going to be Big.

Until I have more to share with you…

Enjoy Friday and some furry love.

Miss Mich