Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy as a Piglet...

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich has been discussing the finer points of what makes a woman happy with our lovely Miss Christine.

Miss Christine and Miss Mich have spent many an afternoon reclining with a refreshing G & T, comparing notes, deciding that size does in fact matter and that there are times when more than one charm at a time is necessary.

Miss Christine shares the same healthy appetite for sport as Miss Mich and dear Piglet, so it is a like minded forum for animated discussion that attempts to get to the bottom of what really makes a woman happy.

Sport and shoes immediately come to mind. Obvi...

Some would say chocolate. Miss Mich is a chip and dip girl herself, so choose your hors d'oeuvre, order your cocktail from the fit pool boy and enjoy. Now that makes a woman happy...

A good hair day and a mani/ pedi always make Miss Mich smile. Nothing like pretty fingers and toes, not to mention having all those darlings attending one. Reminds Miss Mich of her former life...sigh..

Did I mention sport?

The Bright Young Things in turn make Miss Mich happy and exasperated...would the songbird please clean the kitchen... Seriously though, without our children women are smaller of heart and less of courage.

What really makes a woman happy, Dear hearts, is a strong sense of self. The knowledge that she can do it herself, even if she does have help and even if she does exercise that option. A woman needs to know that she is strong enough to weather any man, no matter the pressure, and emerge standing all the stronger, but never bitter.

And a woman needs to believe in love to make her happy. It may not be the egg in her basket all the time, but she needs to have room just in case it appears.

With that in mind, and enough sport to make a woman smile,

Enjoy Monday.

With Love
Miss Mich

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What the World Needs Now

Dear hearts,


I know what you're thinking...The biggest capital letter worthy subject. Almost impossible to tackle...and yet...

It's all about the love, is it not. And it comes in so many forms.

The pen love of which we speak often. Miss Mich's reason d'etre from 8 – 5. Sending her chickens out with said love to spread the word far and wide.

The Bright Young Things. Say no more on the subject of Mother Love. The only unconditional love around. Even though they steal my clothes, drink my cocktails and never clean the kitchen...they are all.

Sport...never have too much, never too often and never without a little love.

Miss Mich's former life did not really allow for love per say...She was in love with her lifestyle and her shoes of course, and the tennis lessons and yummy lunches with her girlfriends made the weeks pass more than tolerably, but love did not really come into it.

Whilst she loved shopping, the view from the balcony and the weekends at the coastal farm, it could be said that something may have been missing. Perhaps the sperm donor had an idea when he was moved to take up with the little and shall we say young English rose. Coming home from yet another overseas trip, the souvenirs were not as simple as a signature scarf or trinket from Harrods. The pregnant 20 yr old was something of a surprise and Miss Mich wondered how she made it through customs...(excess baggage and all..)

Miss Mich must confess to having spent the last 6 years or so avoiding the whole concept of love and all its by products...

But things are beginning to change. The songbird has discovered love with the Italian artisan of the car panel. The ups and downs are worthy of any Rossini opera. The arias we have endured at the Cottage are more than worthy of La Scala and the songbird has penned many a classic in said artisans honour.

The Sunbirds, onto their fourth clutch of eggs in the nest lovingly built by the boy, are proving to Miss Mich that love can be a good and enduring thing.

And if all else fails, the full moon, all the little fishy's and the far far north demonstrate, in the wise words of JPY, that “love is in the air...”

Miss Mich believes that it is possible that she is being shown that it doesn't have to hurt.

Having said that Miss Mich is compelled to quote the noble Bard himself: “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorn”

Miss Mich is loving the whole idea of rough and tumble and is happy to subscribe to a little argy bargy in the boudoir...

So with that thought in mind, Miss Mich urges you Dear hearts, to share your love...where ever you see fit.

Enjoy Thursday.

Miss Mich

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Heart You

Dear hearts,

Miss Mich has been hanging out with the young folk of Gen Y, getting the lowdown on the buzz words, the culture, the issues of the day. Drilling down to where its at and who's doing who...oops, actually no, that 's Miss Mich doing you don't want to know who...decorum and discretion...obvi..

Sport aside... at a local conference for all things Next Gen at her favourite hotel by the water, Miss Mich was privy to and participating in all things current. Along with our fair Mayor and the young movers and shakers, an interesting day was had amusing one's self with the protocol of Facebook, the joy of inclusive people management and how not to “Booge Up” (read belly up) ones' small enterprise.

The question you are all asking of course, is what did Miss Mich really get out of the day? Well apart from one sassy satchel full of Gen Y feel good snacks (where was the Gen X alcohol and chip and dip?), Miss Mich had an excess of feel good emotional credits.

Apparently we have only so much emotional energy... obvi. Just ask Miss Mich at a certain time of the day at a certain time of the month how she is coping and well...if you don't have a cocktail in your hand very careful asking a question you may not want the answer to...

With emotional energy in mind, Miss Mich began to see the link between emotional credits and carbon credits. In fact, it is possible to credit every noble, capital letter worthy subject with a credit.

Miss Mich is thinking of creating a foundation: “The Miss Mich Emotional Credit Offset Foundation”. Too wordy?..what about "Emo Bank"?..clearly not. How about “The Feel Good Foundation”...This I like. Not only will I be able to store and redistribute your excess emotional credits (cryogenically natch..), have the cutest little quasi -medical uniforms (think Clinique), I will be able to enjoy the full extent of Govt tax breaks and the kudos of doing all of the morning talk shows. Kochy and Mel are going to love it..

The Govt of the day is going to jump all over this Dear hearts,..Julia will be crawling over Penny to have me Consult on all things feel good. After lengthy discussion with a panel of experts selected by Miss Mich herself, this comprising of Miss Mich's best and fairest sporting partners, Sha ron Morrie and Miss Mellie to name a few, a report will be tabled. Hard copies of course to keep the Big Kahuna and Churchill of the pen world happy.

Miss Mich can see, as a result of her ground breaking work, significant changes made to OH and S, now known as OH and Emotional S. The Fair Work Act will incorporate detailed procedures, protocols and rights relating to emotional relating. Julia will be hailed as the first deputy to acknowledge tears, tantrums and little cries of ecstasy on the shop floor as your rights at work.

Penny will be thrilled that she is able to offer across the board, carbon as well as emotional offsets to the big and major corporations of the world. Peter Garrett will, I suspect, head up the Charter for the program. Tim Flannery will come on board adding some heavy weight kudos and it will be a toss up between David Suzuki and David Attenborough as to who takes on the Chair.

All in all, this will put Australia at the forefront of Emo-Sustainability, note both the capital letter and the new title. The UN will need to implement this in all the hot spots and Obama is just going to go nuts.

Dear hearts, Miss Mich leaves you to share the Emo love with her people..

Enjoy Tuesday and Emo-Sustainability.

Miss Mich