Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dress - Smart Conscience

Dear hearts,

You have all shared Miss Mich's thoughts on mass consumerism and are intimate with her own personal financial crisis (where did I put that former life and black Amex?). It must be said that, even if I could find the Amex, and there were decent shopping in the far far North, Miss Mich now has the wisdom of Mies van der Roe singing in her head...Less is More. I have referenced this before as it is one of Miss Mich's favourite mantras (along with Roy and HG's classic “when too much sport is not enough”...obvi...and that other chestnut...”just one more cocktail thank you...”)

With this in mind it heartens Miss Mich to hear that the maven of modern design, Philippe Starck, has made his way into the world of ready-to-wear clothing. Whilst Miss Mich is not so sure about the seriousness of some of the pieces designed for Alessi, one has to smile at the humanness of his kitchen utensil designs. It seems this same sensibility has been applied to the clothing collection produced in collaboration with Ballantyne. It is a logical fit really, an edgy urbane Frenchman and a Scottish company with “ancestral know-how”(!), this Starck's own words. Miss Mich loves Starck's ideas of responsible clothing and intelligent cashmere (it's waterproof!..)

If only Miss Mich had known this was all to come when at 12 her darling Grandmother the Opera singer brought back from Bonny Scotland a sensible wee beige sweater from the Ballantyne shop somewhere in the Scottish Borders..

Miss Mich is now inspired to conduct a brutal cull of the Cottage wardrobe. Out will go anything with an IQ of less than intelligent, except those really cute dippy frilly knickers..Only the really smart cotton and silk intelligensia will be given hanging space. Anything vaguely leopard will be given its marching orders and the colour purple, although regal will have to state its case convincingly to keep its place in the fash pack of Miss Mich's New Fashion Order.

Miss Mich may even go so far as to commission the lovely Imps to design a range of custom pieces to inflate and expand Miss Mich's pea all in order to help you, Dear hearts, not only look good, but sound intelligent as well.

Intelligence is a very attractive thing. And one of Miss Mich's favourite Capital Letter subjects.

Whist Rene Descartes may stand by his idea “I think therefore I am”, Miss Mich proposes this: “I dress intelligently, therefore I am”...I suspect Philippe would somewhat agree.

Enjoy Tuesday.

With love and smart cashmere
Miss Mich

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cinderella Takes Herself to the Ball

Dear hearts,

Although Miss Mich's former life seems so very far away...especially when Cinderella has shoes to be bought, lunches to go to and new frocks, staff and shiny things to wish for; there are times when it seems that Miss Mich is still very much back there.

Sadly not in terms of fiscal luxury, but more from the point of independence. To share a secret, Dear hearts, Miss Mich has only been truly independent for the last year or so. She is a baby really, when it comes to the grown up things. Sha ron Morrie on the other hand, is fiercely independant and terribly clever at all the grown up subjects. She can buy and sell property and her ex's settlement, trade in cars and put the oil in the right spot, mow a lawn and look fabulous in the process...

Miss Mich is now seriously reconsidering the whole Boy/Girl job dynamic. Where once Miss Mich would never think of putting out the rubbish, opening a bottle of Champagne (French..obvi..) or organising an accountant it seems these things are not going to suddenly just materialise. Someone actually has to do it.

And it doesn't have to be a boy.

Life and it's unfortunate practical side, has forced Miss Mich into the unseemly reality of getting jobs done.

Now the champagne cork, I'm all for. No problem. Miss Mich can open a bottle of Louis Roederer or Yellow with a whisper, sadly the head from the Yellow the morning after does not...

As for the rubbish, one has ipod earphones and a walk after to compensate for the lack of decorum at struggling up the drive with that unfortunate green wheelie bin.

And as for the accountant, one just needs to treat them with the distance and reserve one would offer a long lost relative who is angling to stay for the weekend. Very busy and not a lot of time to talk..Thank God for electronic correspondence.

So Miss Mich, although reluctant and not impressed with these tasks at hand, has chosen to get on with it and grow up a little. After accepting there is little chance at ever having personal staff again, Miss Mich is prepared to muck in and do the jobs that everyone must do. It is in fact liberating and gives one a small sense of achievement that the household functions, there is wine to drink and the Tax Dept has been put in its place.

Enjoy Monday.

With love in the grown up world
Miss Mich

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Correct Form of A Dress

Dear hearts,

What do women really Want. Note the capital letter.

Nicolas Sarkozy puts it so well when he states that the burqua is not a sign of religion, but a sign of subservience.

Absolutely Dear hearts.

It is all very well for those Arab men to wear a tea towel on their heads, but what woman in her right mind is going to think that wearing a black tent over her entire body, obstructing her eyesight and impeding her sense of free movement, let alone opportunity to dress as she pleases, is a liberating and empowering form of self expression (read oppression).

I ask the question without prejudice: Where is the dignity in wearing the burqua? I'm with Nicolas on this one. Carla Bruni in a burqua?...I don't think so.

Do these women really want to wear the burqua? I fear for a whole culture of women who do not have the pleaseure and pain of waking up in the morning and have as their very first thought....”What am I to wear today?” “Which shoes and which handbag?” “Can I possibly wear black again?”....Of course you can. Just not the tent, my loves.

The good thing about the burqua is that you can have a fat day every day..who is going to know? I realise Dear hearts, that this is not exactly a politically correct tete a tete we are engaging in, and if I offend I apologise. The simple fact of the matter is....I am right.

I am all for freedom of religious expression, I have my rosary beads in my bag wherever I go. God bless the child whose got his own...totally..but I am with Nicolas in his idea of laicitie...that idea of secularism. Keeping Church and State apart. I promise not to wave my rosary beads in the air above your head if you promise to show me your face...because I am sure you have lovely eyes.

Enjoy inclusiveness and Thursday

With libertie, egalitie, fraternity and love
Miss Mich

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A New Way of Looking

Dear hearts,

The Green Guru has set Miss Mich a challenge. Given that I may be slightly competitive, my little pea of a brain has been beetling away sorting out angles, strategies and maneuvers to both rise to and meet this task.

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm.

I was going to keep it as a surprise for you until the end of our little tete e tete., but I am not feeling subtle today Dear hearts. Having endured the most unfortunate piece of theater last night, I must confess along with our fair Mayor to sneaking out before half time. Escaping to my new favourite place to hang out, Salthouse, watching the Bright Young Things singing an acoustic set, Miss Mich was able breathe again. The smooth little unoaked Chardonnay and divine marina side setting may have aided in said recovery.

Talk about The Emperors New Clothes. Nothing could convince me that was good theater or even abstract art.

Thats why, Dear hearts, I subverted the dominant paradigm and walked out.

Just because it is considered polite and the “done thing” to stay to the end of something, doesn't mean one subjugates one's own opinion, sits through rubbish and then says thank you at the end of it.

It's should be the same with anything we associate ourselves with. Without a good dose of subversion, life on the whole would be pretty bland. Miss Mich is by no means advocating anarchy, but a healthy disregard for conservative, middle class standards goes a long way to amusing one's self and leads to an exploration of alternatives leading to who knows what treasure..(Just think the Charms...)

In Miss Mich's former life subverting the dominant paradigm of the eastern Suburbs women kept Miss Mich amused and made her the preferred curiosity amongst her friends and an oft invited lunch guest. Miss Mich would shake up the dominant lunch time paradigm by regaling the girls with saucy stories of scandalous acts of subversion with the afore mentioned Charms.

It could be said that one should be questioning more capital letter worthy issues and Miss Mich wholeheartedly agrees, but surely there is no greater sport than shaking up those who lead insular lives and making them embrace that which lies outside their comfort zone.

So in the spirit of subversion, Vive la Difference!

Enjoy the weekend

With love in a different position
Miss Mich

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Question of Satisfaction

Dear hearts,

With the stationery world in such a whirl, Miss Mich has barely had the time to devote herself to personal maintenance (mani/pedi stat!), cocktails and sport, let alone you Dear hearts. And for this Miss Mich offers her apologies.

The Big Kahuna and Churchill of pens has had Miss Mich out there beetling away at breakfast's, lunches and meetings with the stationery decision makers of the far far north. Suffice to say Miss Mich is making her mark and sending out the pen love. But all work and no sport makes Miss Mich a dull girl..

So this weekend past saw Miss Mich on the water, Castle Hill as the backdrop, competing in the North Queensland Sprint Championships in the sweetest little Tasar, Spindrift. The Green Guru is proving to be a fair and just Captain. With a forth place ribbon over the mantlepiece, it is possible that a decent showing in the Nationals is not out of the question. A lot of hard work on behalf of the crew to increase skill will be required and although Miss Mich has bruises to tell the tale of each and every race, it must be said that Sailing is very much confirmed as Miss Mich's second favourite sport.

Whilst running downwind, Miss Mich had time to think, surprisingly really, as it was a sprint series. That aside, Miss Mich pondered, in between tacking, jibing and jostling for the best start position, the question of satisfaction.

The Rolling Stones had trouble with it. And lets face it, if Mick Jagger can't get it there's trouble ahead for us all.

Is satisfaction the same as tomorrow...it never comes? Or is it a fleeting moment that is in the same vein as only being as good as your last success?

Is satisfaction the ultimate aspiration? Without the pursuit of satisfaction, would we have development? Dare I say evolution? Miss Mich certainly will never be satisfied with her current shoe wardrobe, no matter the size. In greater terms the North West Passage would still be a mystery as would the invention of fermentation of grapes and the discovery of the G spot.

Some of Miss Mich's best friends of the lavender persuasion would say the discovery of the north west passage after a few random glasses of red took them all the way to their own private G spots, tall ships of satisfaction anchored in the safe harbour of their own delight.

Had Miss Mich remained satisfied with the best the Bright Young Thing's sperm donor could offer, there would never be the charms on the bracelet that now tinkles so prettily.

So, Dear hearts, there is good that comes of the challenge to become satisfied.

There are those, however, who will never be satisfied. Nancy Reagan for one could never be too thin. The Sultan of Brunei could never be too rich. The Hef could never be too single. Paris Hilton could never be too cheap and the heels on a pair of Manolo's could never be too high.

It is our duty, Dear hearts, to know what it is we need satisfied and to pursue it assiduously. It is equally important to also recognise when we have accomplished that thing that gives satisfaction, like a perfectly made cocktail, a well rounded child or the ultimate sporting move. Many and varied one's needs may be, Miss Mich's advice is to be aspirational, but stop and enjoy when you reach the top.

Enjoy Wednesday.

With love and satisfaction
Miss Mich