Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to the Guide.

Welcome to the inaugral posting of Miss Mich's Guide to Everything.

In this blog we will be covering all topics. Nothing is too sacred or difficult or curly for Miss Mich.

You will find a voice that is wise, practical and full of advice born of experience. Experience that allows Miss Mich to share with you the best way to present yourself to the world. How to put your best foot forward, (pedicured of course). How to sound intelligent in any situation..(the rain in Spain..)

Miss Mich will be airing her opinion on all matters. Politics, Art, Music, all the topics that deserve a Capital Letter. Especially World Peace. Thats right. Move over Angelina, I have my own little mission in mind. But more of that later...

SO, stay tuned. Its cocktail time here in the tropics and the ice is beginning to melt.

Love Mich