Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Last Supper

Dear hearts,

…And the souls of human beings, which will burst out of any box they are put inside. Patrick White.

The end of another year. Time for more of the aforementioned reflection of my last, rather particular tete et tete.

That little message to someone particular aside, we look back on 2011 and look for our defining moments. For isn’t that what our lives are punctuated by?... if we are lucky that is.

As Miss Mich grows older and hopefully wiser, it is the difference we can make that drives her to create defining moments. To make every day activities count. It is the little things that add up to enrich our lives and the lives of those around us.

People always talk about not taking things for granted, but we still do. By nature we are just a little lazy and find it easy to become accustomed to things and people to the point where they no longer stand out to us. Let’s make the effort in 2012 to continue to appreciate that which is before us.

The Baby and I shared a new year’s dinner and a pre dawn trip to the airport. Good Mother that I am I was more than happy to share our last meal of the year and reflect on our year that was. She of the working class woman had a stellar year and is the favoured darling of those formidable women for whom she works. The Matriarch of said engineering empire made it very clear to the proudest mother of all that there were big plans in store for Miss Mich’s youngest and treasured child. This was also the year that same youngest chicken left the comfort of the nest here in the Cottage to create her own little nest of love with that other big baby with whom we have all fallen in love. They are so adorable together I just want to squeeze them till they pop. Or perhaps just cook for them until they pop. Either way the little Italian woman inside of Miss Mich will be very happy.

As for Miss Mich she is on the path of legal enlightenment and the joys of academia. There is still the unfortunate matter of working to pay for the joy of living in the Cottage and books and seeds for the garden that the Libertine has made so productive and abundant.

And then there is the Libertine. Well, yes. Oh yes. So inventive. So creative. So naughty and soo nice. Just like Miss Mich. What a perfect fit. You know what aside, he is a very sweet and good soul. Like Forrest Gump, that is all I have to say about that. Oh, but how I could say more…

The other two Bright Young Things are forging their own paths with the Boy signed off on his trade and the Songbird back on track to smash it for next semester. More music and more love from all to all with those two darlings. And all three just love the Libertine.

Then there is that mauve puppy. What a character. A jealous Bitch (thinks she is the consort of the Libertine) and loyal to a fault. Too too funny and the favoured child of the family. There is a certain black and white general, who, had he been intact, could have been in with a chance. Oh well…such is unrequited love.

Along with Miss Mellie and dear Reesa, our most loved and favourite house guests, the year has been a happy one. Miss Mich’s legal eagle is her constant with whom she could not be without. And one must mention those silly girls that make golf the best game ever, along with Miss Mich’s darling Sydney stalwarts, Miss Christine, the McAuley girls and the Scots girls. Miss Mich has much to be grateful for.

The Baby and I placed our scrolls under the Buddha’s arm, lit a candle and gave thanks.

The year will reveal itself whether by reflection or by bursting out of its box, there is no escaping what has gone before. We will be judged by our peers, our children, ourselves and ultimately by you know who. It may take hindsight and the time that hindsight involves, whatever, let us hope that whether we reflect now or in the future, we can say we had defining moments.

And that they were good.

Enjoy reflection.

With love
Miss Mich

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